Why We Should All Be Using Reclaimed Wood Here In The United States

The rise of the natural reclaimed wood product is an impressive one, here in the United States as well as in any number of other places all throughout the world as well. After all, natural reclaimed wood product can be ideal for a number of reasons. For one thing, the typical natural reclaimed wood product is ideal for many a home decor scheme here in the United States.

Decorating one’s home is one of the most exciting parts of moving to a new place, and it is something that many people take quite seriously indeed. In fact, sites like Pinterest have made getting home decor ideas easier than ever before – at the current date, there are more than 14 billion home look ideas on the site. This marks a growth in this category alone of more than three quarters – and all since the relatively recent year of 2017.

In particular, rustic furniture has become highly sought after, as the rustic look itself has become quite widely popular all throughout the country. Farmhouse style home design keywords have become quite trendy indeed on Pinterest, with such keywords rising in popularity by often a good deal more than 100%. But these schemes of design tend to use a lot of wood, and many people find that using so much wood is not ideal from a cost perspective. Fortunately, the use of natural reclaimed wood product is becoming more common than ever, and can present an at least slightly more cost effective option to new wood product. For instance, natural reclaimed wood product can be used for everything from wood table tops to wood siding to wood floors.

And the use of natural reclaimed wood product is not just more cost effective – it’s far more environmentally friendly than using new wood as well. After all, up to 30% of the world is currently covered in forestland – but this is something that is likely to change quite rapidly if we do not conserve how much new wood we are using. And while some people might think that simply planting brand new trees is all the solution that is needed, this is unfortunately far from the case.

This is due to the fact that hardwood trees, where most wood products are sourced from, take much longer to grow than many people might realize. In fact, even the fastest growing of all hardwood trees will still take at least a full two decades to reach maturity. And some trees will even take up to 60 years to reach maturity. Therefore, it is not uncommon for many hardwood trees to require 40 or more years of growth before they can provide the same benefits as their felled counterparts.

And wood waste is also a huge problem here in the United States, something that can be seen clearly at just about any construction site using traditional construction methods. In fact, more than one quarter of all of the construction waste that will be generated at any given construction site will be nothing other than wood waste. All too often, this wood waste goes directly into a landfill.

But recycling wood has become more common than ever – and is hopefully going to grow in the years that are to come as well. The data backs this up, showing that more than two and a half million tons of wood pallets alone were recycled in the year of 2015. In the years that have followed since, this has only become more pronounced and will hopefully only continue to grow in the years that continued to pass on. Much of this recycled wood can be converted into natural reclaimed wood product, and this natural reclaimed wood product can be used in many different ways. From wood tables for restaurants to reclaimed wood paneling, the options are endless and more and more natural reclaimed wood product is being used all throughout the country and truly all throughout the world as a whole as well. At the end of the day, natural reclaimed wood product is our future in so many different ways.