Busy Families

Healthy pasta dishes

Although sitting down and having a family meal is a great way for parents and kids to talk with each other and catch up on everything that is going on, the reality is that busy schedules make that difficult to do more often than not. Between hectic work schedules, sports, and other activities, finding the time to prepare and enjoy a nice meal is almost impossible at times. However, if parents want to make sure that their kids are eating right and getting the nutrients they need to power through their days, they should try to find some quick recipes that can be prepared – and enjoyed – in a hurry. Fortunately, there are lots of easy and healthy pasta dish recipes, particularly from Women’s Health Magazine, that even the busiest schedules can accommodate.

Salmon and Noodles

Though it might seem simple, a piece of salmon with egg noodles, lemon, and some poppy seeds is a tasty option that can be made quickly. Salmon takes just a few minutes to bake and the noodles take just a few minutes to soften up after the water is boiled. Plus, the combination of fish and noodles is healthier than most every fast food option.

Tijuana Pasta Salad

Many people think of rich marinara sauces and meatballs when they hear the term pasta, but that isn’t the only option people have when looking for a quick pasta dish. This is one of the most healthy pasta dishes because it has just 180 calories per serving, and the jalapens add a nice little kick for people who like big, bold flavors.

Linguine With Walnut Tomato Pesto

Some of the healthiest pasta dish recipes make sure to avoid sauces with high amounts of sugar and carbs. Enter the walnut tomato pesto sauce. Though it seems pretty fancy and is bursting with great flavors, it takes just about 20 minutes to make. As a result, it is a great option for parents who want something unique without having to spend hours in the kitchen.

Pasta With Lemon Shrimp

Seafood is always a good option for bulking up meals without having to add lots of calories or fat, and shrimp is one of the easiest to incorporate. Grilled shrimp is tasty and healthy, and adding some ready-made pesto sauce and some lemon peppers can give the dish a full flavor that the whole family can enjoy.

Sometimes, just going with a traditional spaghetti and meatballs dish is the best option. After all, it is considered a classic and a favorite for a reason. However, these quick and healthy pasta dish recipes help families who want to eat healthy while still enjoying a busy schedule.