What Do Private School Lunches Look Like Around the World?

Around the world, private school lunches can vary significantly. In the United States, private school lunches are typically more expensive than public school ones and often feature high-quality ingredients with fresh produce. For example, a typical menu could include grilled chicken, steamed vegetables, roasted potatoes, and quinoa salad.

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In France, private schools use local ingredients to make their meals healthier and tastier. Typical lunches may include an entrée like steak or fish, sides of boiled potatoes or pasta, fresh fruits, and vegetables, cheese, and bread. On special occasions such as holidays or celebrations in French private schools, students commonly have a dish featuring seafood such as mussels or oysters.

In India, private school lunches tend to focus on vegetarian dishes. Standard items on the menu include dal (lentils), rice, chapati (flatbreads), and curries featuring vegetables like eggplant and cauliflower. Additionally, Indian schools often offer a selection of fruit for dessert.

Finally, in Japan, private schools offer traditional Japanese-style lunches called bento boxes. These lunch boxes feature small portions, such as pickled vegetables, fish or meat dishes, noodles, and steamed rice. Additionally, students are often given various snacks throughout the day, such as dried seaweed or fruits.

No matter where they are located worldwide, private schools strive to provide students with nutritious and satisfying meals that energize them throughout their school days.

This is just a quick overview of what private school lunches look like worldwide. Each country has its unique way of preparing meals, so be sure to ask your local private school about their lunch menu if you want to learn more!.