What Is the Best Food for Puppies?

The best food for puppies is the one that best supports your puppy’s nutritional needs best and most completely. Dry food is usually the best because it is economical, long-lasting, and helps support good dental health. Wet food is preferred by some dog owners though it is usually less nutrient dense due to the water content.

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Here are five premium dog foods for your consideration.

Victor Super Premium Beef & Sweet Potato

This grain-free food is suitable for puppies and pregnant dogs. It is a good choice for dogs with allergies, as it contains a high level of multi-proteins.

Taste of The Wild Grain-Free Dry Food

This premium grain-free food contains roasted venison and bison. It is formulated to provide ideal nutrient absorbency for your puppy.

IAMS Proactive Health

Highly recommended by veterinarians, IAMS is among the most nutritionally complete dog foods available, including vegetables, grains, and chicken.

Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural

This dry grain-free food contains high levels of quality proteins including white fish, turkey, and chicken to supply energetic puppies with good muscle support.

Merrick Grain Free Puppy Food

This dog food is suitable for all dog breeds and life stages. It contains whole protein, blueberries, sweet potatoes, and more to ensure complete and balanced nutrition for your puppy.