Why Herb Crystals and Edible Flowers are So Popular

Flower crystals

Microgreens, the seedlings of herbs and vegetables, are less than two weeks old and yet have much more nutrition in them that their aged counterparts. They are considered a specialty produce because these greens are not normally found in stores. Normally, people purchase them online through growers, who cultivate these micro greens and micro herbs very carefully. And when discussing these greens, flowers are often thrown into the picture too, with the same growers growing herb crystals, flower crystals and other delicious greens to eventually sell.

Edible flowers are grouped into the herb crystals category too, which are perfect for desserts, drinks and cheese plates when crystallized in a sugar solution and then dried. Lots of flowers today are ideal for consumption, including some varieties that most people would not typically think are edible. For instance, pansies are edible, as are dahlias. Batchelor’s buttons are edible, and so are calendula, chrysanthemum and snapdragon flowers. Marigolds are good to add to salads and desserts, as are violas, dahlias, and nasturtium. And candied violets, popularized during Victorian times, still are utilized today by confectioners who have lots of patience.

Why are these herb crystals and edible flowers so interesting and so popular? Mostly because of their rarity, but also because of their uniqueness. Adding these flowers and herbs to dishes boosts their appeal, makes them stand out, and makes them taste different too. These greens and flowers are cultivated carefully by experts too, making them a specialty ingredient for any dish.
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