Water Filtration And Dispensing Systems Save As Much As 80 Percent, Making Point Of Use Water Coolers A Smart Choice

Bottleless water coolers

A bottleless water cooler is part of a state of the art filtration system for water. Using bottleless water coolers, your company can cut down considerably on the carbon foot print it leaves behind. A carbon foot print is a metric of how many resources you use. Companies that use a lot of resources often get a bad reputation unless those resources are used effectively. A point of use water cooler is a very effective way to manage your water supply. They process water that is already plumbed in to the building and then heat it up or chill it for drinking.

Most people use between 80 gallons in 100 gallons of water daily. Between drinking water, taking a shower and flushing a toilet, water use adds up. This is why efficient water use solutions should be a priority. There are reverse osmosis water purification systems that are able to remove as much as 90 percent of the inorganic chemicals, from iron and copper to sulfate and fluoride, from your water.

Consider the bottles of water purchased individually are usually just local tap water marked up as much as one thousand times the actual cost of the bottle and the water in it. This may motivate you to use point of use water coolers. Using point of use water coolers cuts down on plastic use. Most point of use water coolers provide excellent quality of water, so speak with an installation expert today.