Trying to Eat More Healthy Foods? Here Are 7 Reasons to Eat Chicken

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The consumption of chicken in the United States was more than 90 pounds pre capita in 2015. There are a lot pf reasons for that. There are a lot of things that can be done with it. It is readily available. Lastly, it is healthy choice. Whether you are dining out, cooking at home or ordering rotisserie chicken delivery, there are a lot of reasons to add chicken to your diet.

7 Reasons to Add Chicken to Your Diet:

  1. You will build good, lean muscle. Of all of the non-vegetarian proteins out there, chicken is one of the leanest. Lean meats, like chicken have more quality protein and less fat than other meats. If you have a serving of 100 grams of roasted or rotisserie chicken, you get a whopping 31grams of protein. You do not have to want to bulk up to have this make a difference. Even if you are more interested in muscle tone, this lean protein is a good option. Whatever your fitness goals are, ordering a rotisserie chicken delivery is a great way to get a good meal.
  2. Chicken is good for your immune system. For eons, we have been given chicken soup when we are sick. There is a good reason for this. Not only is the hot steam from the soup good for us, it helps with chest, throat and nasal congestion, new research shows other benefits. When the soup is thick, it can prevent the migration of certain immune cells that cause inflammation. This has the effect of boosting the overall immune system so we can recover from illnesses quicker.
  3. Easting chicken can lower your stress level. Vitamin B5 and tryptophan have been shown to lower a person’s stress level. Chicken has both in spades. Both vitamin B5 and tryptophan have the effect of calming your brain. This makes foods with them in them are great for rewinding after a long day. Ordering rotisserie chicken delivery means you do not have to cook, which is another thing that can help with your stress level.
  4. Chicken is good for your bones. You have heard that milk has a lot of calcium but you may never have been told how much calcium is found in lean chicken. It also has a lot of phosphorus. The combination is great for keeping bones in tip top shape. Your joints will also thank you as the selenium content helps prevent arthritis.
  5. Eating chicken is good for your heart. Research on the heart has shown that vitamin B6 lowers homocysteine level. Homocysteine has been linked directly to an increased risk for heart attack. Niacin is also good for lowering cholesterol. Chicken has both niacin and vitamin B6 in large quantities that can be used easily by the human body. The American Heart Association recommends people eat chicken to get those nutrients and because it is also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. There are a ton of cardiovascular benefits to eating chicken.
  6. Chicken can improve PMS symptoms. Magnesium has been shown to be very helpful for women with painful PMS symptoms. It also helps with mood issues that can accompany PMS.
  7. Eating chicken can increase testosterone levels. Zinc is very good for the regulation of testosterone. It can also boost the production of sperm.

You have a lot of options for what you can eat when you are trying to eat healthy foods. When you are asking your friends and family about where to eat, you may find there are a lot of restaurants. This all changes depending on where you live. People in New York City or Miami Beach, have different options than people in Idaho, for example. It is a lot easier to get good rotisserie chicken delivery Miami Beach, for instance. Food delivery can be a lot better for you than fast food and you can often get it just as quickly. It is even a lot more convenient. Ordering rotisserie chicken delivery means it comes to you, you do not need to go get it.

Whether you order that rotisserie chicken delivery or your make your own, adding chicken to your diet is a great way to get good, quality protein into your diet.