The Wedding Liquor List as a Crucial Part of Planning Your Reception

The alcohol industry is such a large economic value in the United States, especially with almost $220 billion spent annually. One of the most common events where alcohol is needed includes weddings. The wedding liquor list may be long and detailed, or it may just be some basic options of beer and wine. Even catered or planned events, like weddings, spend almost a quarter of the bill on alcohol, especially when there is an open bar.

A Brewery or Winery as a Wedding Location

Determining the wedding liquor list can be a challenge, especially when you may be offering an open bar to your guests. Sometimes, when working at an event location that offers its own bar this options may be easier. If you are able to provide the beer brands or wine brands made right there on site, there is much less spent and you likely may not need to order additional liquor and drink supplies.

Many of these locations make local craft beers or ferment their own wine. On top of the time saved on developing a wedding liquor list and planning the bar, hosting your event is often marketing or promotion for these locations as well. You may not always need liquor for weddings, and these locations are able to help with that fact. Sometimes it is helpful on a night when family and friends can get a little over-excited to not have too much liquor served.

Wineries as Event Venues

About 7,700 wineries are located around the country, across all 50 states, available for event planning. Offering event hosting, catering, bars, restaurants, and entertainment most often includes weddings. Therefore, if you like wine then there is nothing better than scheduling a winery for your wedding or other events. You can also often order your entire wedding liquor list as you schedule the location for your wedding day. Another option may be wine brands available online for a purchase that can be brought to any venue where a bar will be set up anyway. With almost a billion gallons of wine consumed every nationwide, there is much to be said for having access to plenty of wine right there on site for all parties.

You know that there are certain events where alcohol is more appropriate than others, but that can all be played into the location where you choose to hold an event. There is room for beer, wine, and other drinks even when an event is held at a winery or brewery, making the need to purchase different items ahead of time a part of your event planning checklist.