The Nutritional Benefits of Salsa

Salsa calories

Have you ever wondered how to make your party foods more nutritional? Choosing a classic mild salsa dip rather than other chip dips is a great way to have a classic dish but maintain a healthy party. Salsa nutrition is actually very good, and recipes using salsa contain less calories than other dips. Aside from less overall calories, salsa nutritional value can be shown by the fact that fresh salsa calories from fat are an incredibly small percentage, so the calories you are taking in from the salsa are far better for you than those in other snack dips.

So what is salsa? Salsa is the spanish word for sauce, and in western countries it refers to tomato based spicy sauces that are common in hispanic dishes, especially when used as dip.

If you are looking for more recipes with salsa dip that are a bit different from the traditional dip, but still maintain salsa nutrition, a simple internet search can turn up a good deal of varieties. Avocado salsa recipes are a great way to maintain, and even improve, salsa nutrition. Fruit salsa recipes are a nice way to give a sweet twist to the spicy dip, and again maintain the health value of it.