The Magic That Happens When Sushi and Burritos Get Together

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Sushi is one of the most beloved of the Japanese culinary traditions in the world. Indeed, it has become an accepted part of Asian fusion restaurants, and even the most unrefined eater can palate a California roll. There are over 3,000 sushi restaurants in America. Sushi originated in Japan, and many sushi like dishes are enjoyed throughout southeast Asia as well. And it comes in many shapes and sizes as well — although most sushi in the states comes wrapped in a special kind of seaweed called nori, it can also be wrapped in soy paper, cucumber, or egg.

But, America’s influence was bound to win out somehow — and that’s where we see the birth of a hybrid food: the sushi burrito. Good sushi restaurants around the country are rolling out this new creation.

Sushi burritos appeared in Northern California about two years ago. There is no sour cream or beans — instead, this is rice, hot sauce, and an impressive variety of fillings.

Just like in a traditional sushi roll, you can find a tuna and salmon sashimi burrito packed with shrimp, avocado, wonton skin, kale, jalapenos, sesame seeds, sunomono and green onions. Expect, its all wrapped up in a tight, large bundle — very much akin to the traditional Mexican burrito.

What is especially appealing about the sushi burrito is it’s portability — usually, eating sushi is a sit down affair, as one uses chopsticks to dip the individual pieces of roll into sauces. Now, sushi burritos can be grabbed for on-the-go munching. Its unique and still has the health benefits and flavor of sushi.

As always, with any sushi bar or seafood restaurant, it is important to make sure to do a quality check before you go — no matter how excited you are to try the new sushi burrito. That means making sure that they serve fresh seafood. Check out websites like Yelp! to see what their rating are.

No matter how experimental the seafood scene gets with their food and entertainment, these is still nothing like enjoying some traditional sushi at good sushi restaurants.