The Best Pizza Ovens Available Today

This video details and reviews several leading pizza oven options that are currently on the market and available for residential use. Pizza ovens cook the dough at a much higher temperature than a traditional oven, which allows the crust to closely emulate what you might find in your local pizza parlor. Think of it as a convection oven that is specifically used for pizza dough.

The types of pizza ovens available for home use range from outdoor propane powered pizza grills to stand alone units that can fit in nearly any sized kitchen.

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The propane fueled pizza oven can also double as your every day grill, which can save the homeowner money and space.

It is worth noting that the video points out the perfect temperature for cooking a pizza is 600 degrees Fahrenheit. When considering what type of pizza oven best suits your needs, take the temperature into consideration. No matter how good the insulation on an indoor pizza oven is, its high temperature will affect the comfort level of the kitchen. For smaller kitchens and apartments, an outdoor unit can best fulfill your needs.