Barrels For Whiskey

In this video, you will learn about personalized whiskey barrels. Barrels can come in many sizes. You want the barrel to be functional. Once you get the barrel, you notice there’s a cork in the front.

Video Source

You’ll notice there is a valve. You have to take it out of the top so the air-tight seal is provided. You can blow into the value to check that there is actually an air-tight seal. When you put liquid in there, they swell. It swells like something natural. The swelling is what causes the seal. We take water and you can use a faucet or filtered and you fill up the barrel. You can fill it up a little bit or a lot so you can check the seal and how it swells. As expected, you can see a little bit of a water leak. With any water leak, it should go away very quickly. Worst-case scenario, it goes away in a day. The seal should form in an hour-max. You can keep adding more water to see the full effects of it. These barrels are designed for years worth of sanitation and freshness. The aging of your whiskey depends on the air-tight seal in the barrel.