So You’re Planning an Event

Good caterers

The fast-paced world of special event planning can be nothing short of a headache. Between countless phone calls and scheduled meetings, there’s no wonder so many simply employ others to plan an entire event for them. One thing to note is that with proper know-how and the right caterer, putting together an event doesn’t have to be a difficult experience for party planners.

One of the most important things to consider is special event catering services. A good caterer can be the difference between a successful or declining business relationship and experience for guests and partners. Based on that fact alone, when choosing a caterer, it is important to choose an all around “rock star” in the catering industry. Caterers handle everything from managing kitchen staff to maintaining food safety regulations and serving customers. They may also manage some of the decor of the event including table arrangements and food presentation.

With special event catering services comes the obvious challenges of choosing the right menu to complement the event theme or preferences of the hosts, where to serve guests and whether or not to have an on- or off-site caterer. Food catering menus in the catering industry have changed quite a bit over the years in terms of meal types. As consumers are becoming more health-conscious in their food choices, things like heavy cream sauces and fatty pork chops and fried appetizers are a thing of the past. Now the trend is smaller, healthier portions of food with fresh ingredients. For example, little antipasto skewers with a grape tomato and mini lettuce wraps with savory sauces are more likely to be seen on event menus today. Self-serving food bars such as taco bars, slider bars, and sundae bars are also becoming progressively popular. Seasonally driven menus were featured most in New York Weddings best caterers.

Now that you’ve gotten ideas for your menu, you need to consider the location of your event and whether or not to have an on or off-site caterer. In special event catering services, off-site caterers usually consist of pre-ordered, plated meals are often less expensive than buffets or food stations. If you are planning an event in a rural area, it is very important to consider that the less equipment you have available, such as ovens and prep stations, will result in higher costs because these things have to be brought to the location.

With over 321,400 people working in the event planning and catering industry throughout the United States, it can be somewhat overwhelming deciding the right fit for your event. Now that you have some insight on the catering industry, you should be confident in your ability to hire the right caterers and plan the event everyone will be talking about.