Hummus is More Than Just a Flavor Revolution

Hummus spread

Hummus is the greatest thing to ever happen to my kitchen. Years ago I stumbled on an easy hummus recipe that delighted my taste buds to the point that I stopped buying premade hummus varieties. Every modern day foodie needs their own go to easy hummus recipe.

You might be asking What is hummus? I am more than obliged to elaborate. In addition to being pure deliciousness, it could also be said that hummus is a puree of chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, garlic and salt. Don’t be afraid of tahini as it is simply ground sesame seeds. Most recipes have a variety of additions such as cumin, olive oil, paprika, and many other options to make any easy hummus recipe your own.

Hummus is not only yummy, it is also a health food. Hummus calories and hummus nutrition are enough to make any health conscious human swoon. Originally I only embraced hummus spread but I have spread my wings to another world of hummus and now have an arsenal of recipes with hummus for any occasion. I use it instead of mayo when making a tuna salad, I turn it into a sauce to top chicken or lamb and my favorite is mixing it with olive oil and vinegar for a perfectly scrumptious and healthy salad dressing.

What will you do with your easy hummus recipe?