How Microgreens and Edible Flowers Can Make a Meal Memorable

Eatable flowers

Microgreens and edible flowers are becoming increasingly popular as food accents and decorations, especially in fine dining establishments. The combination of an unusual and striking appearance with a punch of flavor makes them a favorite with chefs and diners alike. While edible flowers have been used for centuries, microgreens have been around for about twenty years. Crystallized rose petals and organic microgreens are small touches that can make a dish or meal memorable.

What are microgreens?

Unlike sprouts, microgreens are not young plants but miniature plants. They are complete plants, with a tiny stem and leaves. Perhaps because of their small size, they have an intense flavor that adds to the taste of a dish.

The best microgreens are grown by specialist growers. They must be handled carefully at all stages, and should be stored and transported at the optimal temperature of 4 degrees Celsius or 39.2 degrees Fahrenheit. According to their appearance and quality, micro greens can be classed on a scale of 1 to 5, from poor to excellent. A rating of 3 on this scale is the threshold for marketability.

Decorating with edible flowers

Chefs in upscale restaurants have been using micro greens and edible blossoms as food decorations since the 1980s. Around a hundred types of garden flowers are edible. Crystallized rose petals and edible flowers for salads add an imaginative touch to common dishes. Often, edible flowers used as teas also offer many health benefits.

Flowers gave been used to decorate and flavor food for centuries, and the trend is catching on again. Many old fashioned cookbooks have instructions on how to make crystallized rose petals and other crystallized flowers, which are popular decorations for cakes, cupcakes and cookies.

Micro greens add taste and interest

Many kinds of vegetables are available as micro greens, including broccoli, carrots, spinach, corn, kale and Brussels sprouts. Used in salads, soups or to decorate an entree, they are a simple, tasteful way of adding interest and flavor to a dish.
Because of their size, micro greens have an intense and memorable flavor. They add to the appearance of the meal, which is also important to diners.

Specialty growers are the best source

Both microgreens and edible flowers like crystallized rose petals should be sourced from specialty suppliers. It can be difficult to grow high quality microgreens yourself. And edible flowers must come from specialist growers, who don’t use any chemicals in raising their plants. It would be dangerous to just use the flowers growing in your garden or those bought at the florist shop, since these flowers are likely to contain traces of the harmful chemicals used during the growing process.

Micro greens and edible flowers are popular for good reason – they enhance the appearance and taste of a meal, while opening up new vistas to the imagination. That’s a lot for a tiny plant go achieve.