Healthy Pasta For Everyone!

Healthy pasta

Eating healthy has become a lot more popular in the last few years. People are sick of gaining weight and they want to figure out ways to enjoy food and still eat generally healthy foods. There are a lot of different ways to make the delicious foods we are used to while using healthier ingredients.

If you read any old pasta recipe, the more flavor added, the better. The great thing about pasta is that you can use a lot of different ingredients to jazz it up. Instead of using white pasta, wheat pasta is a tasty and healthy option. In addition to using a wheat pasta recipe instead of using a cream based sauce you can use an oil based sauce.

You can create many healthy pasta dishes with this basic combo. Once you start adding some of your favorite spices, making up your own pasta dish recipes is easy. Adding other proteins to your pasta recipe will surely make it a meal.

If you like seafood, wheat pasta with an oil based sauce can be delicious. Making your own homemade shrimp scampi, for example, can become a family favorite very quickly. You will not feel guilty about serving it to your family, either.

When you want to throw another healthy pasta recipe together, stick with the wheat pasta and add some red sauce, instead. Using some of your favorite veggies to give the dish flavor can make everyone you are feeding very happy. Instead of using beef, using ground turkey for meatballs is a much healthier option.

Even using turkey meatballs with an oil based sauce would be super delicious. If you wanted to throw some broccoli into the mix, that would be a great addition. By creating your own pasta recipe you can make sure that you are happy with the result and you can still feel good about eating it.