Healthy Pasta Dish Recipes Anyone Can Make

Healthy pasta dishes

Pasta is a food that can please just about anyone in your family, but when you want to find healthy pasta recipes you may be left scratching your head. Some great pasta dish recipes are often mistaken as being unhealthy. In fact, many include olive oil, fresh vegetables, and natural ingredients that you can find either at the store or in your own home garden. Healthy pasta dish recipes can involve fresh herbs as well, to enhance the flavor of the dish and provide a nice visual element to the meal. If you are someone who is interested in healthy pasta dishes that you can make from scratch, you have several options that you can consider. From cream sauces that are not too heavy, to robust flavors that are garden fresh, these great pasta dishes can bring the taste and leave the artificial ingredients behind.

One thing to remember when looking for pasta dish recipes that are on the healthier side is that pasta already has a great deal of carbohydrates, so adding to them through an unnecessary amount of sugar, or extra elements like garlic bread, is not always the best idea. If you do serve any appetizers with your pasta recipe you can make it a salad. Marinated olives stuffed with roasted red pepper make a nice touch, and an olive salad is a merging of the two ideas. Another thing to remember with healthy pasta dish recipes is that you want the meal to be filling, so a protein element is preferable. The more protein there is, the less likely you are to overeat the carbohydrates in the meal. In most cases, fresh chicken or shrimp is fine, but there are also great pasta dish recipes that include pork, beef, and veal.

In great pasta dish recipes fresh vegetables are the cornerstone of the meal. Using fresh onions, fresh herbs like basil, and fresh tomatoes if you decide to make your sauce from scratch can all add an element of great, savory flavor to your pasta. By including fresh vegetables, you also increase fiber intake, and vitamin concentration as well. Your pasta dish recipe should take full advantage of all of the common elements of pasta by including their freshest representations. With a little prep time and planning, you can even make it easy to incorporate healthy pasta dish recipes into your weekly dinner rotation.