Graduation Season Is Party Season

You have been working with party catering services quite a bit in the last few months. With one daughter graduating from college at the beginning of May and the other daughter graduating from high school at the end of May, these last few months have been more than busy. Finding a way to plan a party that will be both safe and fun for the college crowd has involved everything from working with pubs to decide on the popular craft beers that will be part of the celebration to planning a party time that will allow you to make sure that everyone is well fed. The high school party, in comparison, has required a way to make sure that you find a good restaurant to provide the food that your youngest likes the most.

From a bar setting for the college crowd to a coffee shop for the group of high school graduates, this has been both a fun and exciting time. Keeping the details of the two parties separate has not been difficult, but you have used a lot of energy making sure that you both of these events will be a success.

Bars and Coffee Spots Can Both be Great Party Locations

When you are in charge of planning a party it is always important to consider the audience. Although there are many parents who really believe that they deserve the party when a child graduates, it is important to remember that may not always be the case. In fact, when it comes to planning a party for your graduate it might be wise to remember who will be at the party. When, for instance, you have a room full of high school graduates you may not want to be able to set the right kind of example. Do you want your high schooler who is just getting ready to head out to college you might want to remind them that there is lots of fun that can be had without alcohol. With great food and a whole host of yard games, many parents are able to provide a safe and fun party for minors.

When you have older college graduates, however, a bar with the most popular craft beers really is great setting. Any event space that you work with will have different rules and guidelines about the kind of food and beverages that they offer and what you can bring in, but it is always important to try to plan an event that will match with the graduate wants.

Nearly 84% of craft beer consumers like to choose their beer depending on the season, but graduation season is often an open book. Aside from the drinks, good is also an important part of any party. For this reason, it is important to know that a 2009 report indicated that 75% of people who love burgers rank the quality of the meat as the first or second most important attribute to their burger. By finding the exact right kind of food, and drink, you can increase the chances that any celebration will be a success. As for you and the other parents, your party can begin when the kids are out of the house and as empty nesters you have time to plan the kind of party that you all want!