Forget Netflix and Chill and Find the Perfect Spot For Date Night

Wilmington de restaurants

Still going steady with your Valentine’s day pal? Perhaps your date nights have gotten a little stale since then. After all, how many times can you take your honey to buy-one-get-one bowling or plan a cozy night in of Netflix and chill? Every once in a while, it’s appropriate to whip out the romance in a way that’s both fun and approachable — that makes a perfect date night. So ow do you find a good restaurant that’s suitable for a romantic night out that’s not too stuffy (or expensive)? Just follow these simple three tips and you’ll be absolutely, positively ‘rollin in the romance.

The Grub
A nice dating restaurant doesn’t have to be pretentious. Rather, a restaurant that offers a solid cheeseburger and plentiful salad offerings is enough to satisfy a couple on either side of the meat-eating spectrum. And when nice dining restaurants offer a burger as its specialty, that typically means their price points will be low to mid-range, and you can’t really go wrong with that!

The Libations
Drinking responsibly is a wonderful way to add a sense of relaxation to any date. And with the plethora of popular craft beers available now, it can be a delicious adventure to boot. Craft beer restaurants offer a plethora of tasty, interesting beers to try with your significant other that will make the act of drinking more of a curious investigation than an embarrassing night out.

The Vibe
While lavish fine dining restaurants can feel special and luxurious, the stuffy atmosphere often leads to a stuffy date experience. Choose a restaurant with a relaxed, casual, yet refined bar scene. For example, craft beer bars are great places to bring a date. Not only is it a cool place to kick back, drink a beer at the bar and socialize, but it’s also refined enough that there’s room to get intimate in a booth and share a romantic dinner alone. At the end of the day, the choice is really yours.

Sure, Netflix and chill never fails but it’s nice to bring your date on solid ground every once in a while. Using this guide, it should hopefully be an easy process.