Food Safety for Kids

Reheating food

When it comes to the “five second rule” more women than men will eat food that has fallen to the floor. Women seem to pay more attention when it comes to food safety for kids though. Food safety guidelines are something that everyone needs to learn about and food safety for kids is something that can be taught in the schools. People can go online and get food safety tips too, like washing your hands using regular soap an water is just as effective as washing your hands with antibacterial soap. Teaching children about food safety for kids and about regular hand washing can help them learn all about how food handling safety is important.

Typically, 22 million school days each year are lost to children missing school because they have contracted a cold. When you teach children food safety and sanitation habits they will know what to do to keep from spreading germs, such as sneezing in the elbow and washing hands, etc. Getting sick from food poisoning is another concern that food safety for kids should cover. Facts like, it takes 24 to 48 hours to get sick after eating contaminated food should be taught. Another thing kids might like to learn when they are learning about food safety for kids is the fact that a dog’s saliva can act as a bactericidal against streptococcus canis bacteria and E.coli. Children should always be taught kitchen safety tips too. There are courses that one can take to learn about the information that needs to be included in food safety for kids. You can take food safety solutions courses online as well. For more information, read this website.