Enjoy Family and Friends with a Relaxing Sunday Brunch

Championship golf course

After finishing a game at an 18-hole golf course, why not celebrate with brunch! This popular meal, which is a combination of breakfast and lunch, was first enjoyed in England. You may be surprised to learn that it took 30 years for brunch to become popular in the United States.

What are your favorite dishes for brunch? A 2015 survey showed that 67% of the participants noticed that ethnic-inspired breakfast and brunch items were a “hot trend.” These included Asian-flavored syrups, Chorizo with eggs, coconut milk pancakes, and other delicious dishes.

If you’re planning to host a special event, such as a birthday, graduation, or retirement party, why not celebrate with brunch! You can enjoy celebrating that special someone while dinning in a special events room or outdoors with a spectacular view.

You may enjoy having Sunday brunch every week with family and friends. Now that the weather is warming up, there will be even more opportunities to spend time outdoors. After enjoying a few games of golf, you can visit with friends and family over a sumptuous meal with Mimosas, Champagne, and other favorite beverages.

Are you getting married? Since 35% of weddings are now being held outdoors, according to Hudson Valley Weddings, you may also be planning to have your wedding within beautiful garden surrounds. The morning after this romantic occasion, you can share an intimate brunch with your new spouse, or invite all of your family and friends to join you.

Brunch can be a cause for celebration in and of itself. It provides a wonderful opportunity to just relax and enjoy a meal with family and friends. Since there are so many choices during Sunday brunch, you may want to experience something new each time you attend. After you enjoy brunch, you can take a nice walk around the beautiful grounds.

The next time you plan to host a special occasion, such as a family reunion, why not have brunch? You can create the time to just enjoy the occasion rather than spending time preparing a meal at home. Chances are that everyone will discover something they love to eat during Sunday brunch.