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There is no doubt that people around the world love consuming meat. However, it is common to wonder if there is a healthier meat available. Consuming grain fed meats often lead to cuts that are high in fat. Many consumers have started to make the switch to grass fed steaks and free range chicken for many reasons. In this post, you will learn more about the benefits of grass fed meats.

  • Vitamin Enriched Meat: A number of additional vitamins found in grass fed beef are often much higher than the grain fed alternative. Recent research shows that beef from grass fed animals had up to seven times the amount of beta carotene than found in grain fed. Grass fed and free range chicken will not consume harmful antibiotics. A study in 2001 found that 60-80 percent of antibiotics made in the United States ended up in livestock feed. Many enjoy the additional vitamins found in grass fed steaks and free range chicken.
  • Helps Support Local Farmers: In many situations, the care that grass fed animals need comes from local meat farmers. These farmers have areas where animals are allowed to roam free. Local farmers can sometimes face tough competition from large corporations.
    Buying meat that is grown locally helps these farmers stay in business. At these farms, animals have much more freedom than they would inside of a grow house environment. Sadly, animals grown in poor conditions do not have the freedom to roam as they would in nature.
  • Increased Good Fats: There are fats which should be in your diet. It is common to hear anything about fats in meat and to be worried. However, omega 3 fatty acids, found in grass fed cows are great for your heart. Recent research shows that grass fed beef also contained more of vitamins A and R than grain fed beef. Animals that are allowed to roam free usually eat a healthier diet than animals that are confined. Grass fed steaks and free range chicken carry the vitamins these animals consumed.
  • In closing, choosing grass fed meats definitely has its advantages. Grass fed steaks and free range chicken often contain more vitamins than grain fed meats. There is an increased about of fatty acids that are good for your heart in certain grass fed meats. Buying meat from animals that were cared for usually means they came from local meat farmers. These farmers can face tough competition meaning they need any support they can get.