Becoming a Leader the Food Service Industry Means Food Safety and Environmentally Sound Practices

Standard barrier lidding film

One might never fully understand how the right pouch filling machine could make such a huge difference in the way food service companies have an impact on the environment and the health of so many people, but it most definitely can. Becoming more aware of the impact of a company’s total impact on the world allows those who run companies to not only improve their overall quality of products but to draw even more customers to what they provide.

People are becoming decidedly more and more concerned about their health, the health of their children and the impact that we are having on the environment in general. When companies lead the way to better practices, they also enjoy healthier revenue on the back side.

A pouch filling machine that does its job with a result of less waste is one that will appeal to those companies that are in the market for one. They have a desire to be more efficient and that pouch filling machine that can get the job done in the quickest amount of time while being the most cost effective will be the one that gets the business.

Studies have shown that 52% of people around the world will base their decisions on what brands to buy based on whether or not they can see if the company is making an effort to be environmentally friendly and socially conscious.

In the food packaging industry, food safety is an obvious concern. In addition to food safety, waste is an issue that is consistently being addressed. Food packaging equipment that can perform effectively can keep food fresher for longer periods of time. Vacuum pouches are a perfect example of this type of food packaging technology.

Food packaging containers have been determined by packaging experts to reduce food waste. Plastic packaging can reduce food waste by up to 1.7 pounds for every pound of packaging, and food sealing machines can help reduce food waste even more, depending on what type of food is being sealed.

Vacuum sealed food can be stored up to three to five times longer than food stored in plastic containers. When you put all of that together, you can easily see how plastic can keep us healthier and at the same time protect the environment.

Without recycling, all of these plastic solutions would only cause more problems, but 60% of the population of the United States, or about 148 million Americans, have access to a recycling program. When we use the technology we have and combine that technology and research with of food practices, the combination can bring about an enormous win for all involved.

Food service companies can produce a better series of products that last longer, and consumers can feel good about their health, the health of their children and the health of our planet.