All About Buying a Used Reefer Trailer

When buying a used car, most people will often consider the cost of buying a new car as the reason why they would rather buy a used car. Most definitely, used cars and trailers are less expensive compared to new ones. But buying second hand vehicles comes with new challenges. The purchasing process becomes more challenging than when buying a new vehicle. When buying a new vehicle from a manufacturer, you are guaranteed of so many things since most of the information that will be provided about the car is verifiable and accurate. The same cannot be said for used cars. You need to take due diligence and verify the condition of the vehicle before initiating any transaction. There are so many unknowns including the history of the vehicle and many other vital factors such as the maintenance records. If it is such a major challenge buying a typical used car, imagine buying specialized used reefer trailers for sale. The process can be a nightmare starting with the reefer trailer cost which is really high. Below are some tips on how to choose a used reefer trailer.

Reefers vs Dry Vans
When buying used reefer trailers especially if you are doing it for the first time, it is important to understand that a reefer trailer for sale is not the same as buying a dry van trailer. For starters, dry van trailers are characterized by outstanding structural integrity especially the doors and the cross members. These trailers too are very resistant to rust. Of course a reefer unit has all these qualities including exceptional structural integrity. However, there are other factors that buyers take into consideration apart from the structural integrity when they decide to buy reefer trailer. Some additional areas that buyers focus on are how well any damaged panels are fixed and the overall maintenance history of the reefer unit.

New vs Used
Adding a new reefer trailer to your fleet might seem like a very good idea but in monetary terms, it might not be the most cost-effective move to make especially if you are operating on a lean budget. Nowadays, there are both online and offline actions for a nice used reefer unit and it is up to you to make the decision on whether to buy a new reefer trailer or try to save money by buying a used carrier reefer. A pre-owned reefer unit will deliver the same results as a new reefer will and sometimes the difference is not even that significant to be noticed. The idea that a used reefer might under-perform is therefore untrue as long as you take all the basic checks that you would take when buying a typical used car-only this time you have to pay special attention to the reefer unit structural integrity.

Carrier vs Thermo King
If you are in the business of transporting temperature sensitive food, many people are faced with the dilemma of either going for a carrier reefer or a thermo king reefer unit. These are the most common types found in the market today. The thermo king reefer units have a smaller but more reliable compressor compared to the carrier reefer units. However, the carrier units perform better in microprocessors and electronics. Technically, there are very few differences between the two types in terms of technology and reliability and the choice would therefore depend on the exact specifications you are looking for.