Knowing What You’re Getting When You Rent A Tent MA

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Whenever you’re having catering Boston you might want to rent a tent ma for the party too. There are a lot of different types of tent rentals MA available for you to choose from. These include frame and pole tents. While there’s definitely a difference between these 2 types of tents, ultimately, the choice is yours as to which to rent.

A pole tent is essentially what it sounds like. It’s a tent that’s held up by tall poles in the middle. There’s also tension from ropes and stakes. If you’re going to choose this type of party tent rentals MA, you’ll need at least an additional 5 feet all the way around the tent for stakes and ropes. You also need to understand that due to the center poles that are required for holding up the tent, which does create some limitations on how things are set up inside the tent.

A frame tent rental Boston is one that’s held up by a frame that’s created out of aluminum poles. These tent rentals boston ma are free standing, so there are no ropes or stakes needed for support, which means that you also won’t need to have any additional space around the tent. As such, you can actually push this tent right up against a building or set them up on cement. Furthermore, when you rent a tent MA you won’t have a center pole here, so you’ll have a completely open floor plan.

It should come as no surprise that a frame tent is the most popular type of tent that people go for whenever they rent a tent MA. There are a lot of benefits to using this type of tent. However, it’s up to you to decide which one you’d like to rent.