How a Caterer Can Cut Your Wedding Food Costs

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Backyard weddings are extremely beautiful and romantic in the fall. The fall season already brings a nice backdrop, with the changing colors of the leaves. Planning a fall wedding can also save you money on venue and food costs. Remember these planning tips to plan the perfect backyard fall wedding.

Use nature as your decorations
Decorations are often a large part of a wedding budget. You have to pick colors, a theme, and attempt to tie everything together. When you choose to get married in the fall, you don?t need as many decorations. You can use nature as your backdrop. Match your bridesmaid?s dresses and flowers to the colors of fall for a perfectly matched design. If you want, you can even decorate with pumpkins or bales of hay, both of which are extremely easy to come by during these months.

Choose a fall inspired dinner catering menu
The menu is one of the most important decisions when it comes to wedding planning. Not only do you have to choose an event catering service to handle the food, but you also have to choose a menu that fits your wedding theme. Also, the specific menu that you choose will affect the costs you spend on the event catering service. Going with a fall inspired dinner will keep with your fall wedding theme and the ingredients are easier to get, making the event catering service costs more affordable.

Work with your event planning and catering company on creating a menu that is appropriate for a wedding also. Gone are the days of heavy cream sauces, fatty double pork chops and deep fried apps. For wedding cocktail hours, think small, as in antipasto skewers with a grape tomato, a ball of mozzarella, and an olive drizzled with fresh basil oil, or mini lettuce wraps with chicken in a savory Thai peanut sauce. You can also mix pumpkin and apples into your menu items for a twist of fall taste.

Don?t forget to serve fall drinks
You can further your theme by offering fall inspired drinks. Your event catering service may also be responsible for the drinks. If they are not, however, they can suggest specially mixed drinks to the bar to serve. Drinks that are mixed with apple cider during this season are especially tasty. It is smart to offer both alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks during a backyard wedding. Your guests that do not drink will enjoy the fall inspired drinks that do not contain alcohol.

Opt for a non traditional dessert choice
Wedding cakes can be expensive and you will find that much of the cake does not even get eaten. Instead of wasting your money on a large cake that will only be seen for a couple of minutes, opt for a non traditional dessert choice. Sticking with the fall theme, go with a large pumpkin or apple pie. You might even find it useful to serve mini pies to guests. Instead of tiered cakes, more couples are opting for less expensive alternatives, such as cupcakes, cake pops, crepe cakes, macarons, and pies.

Backyard weddings are a great way to reduce your wedding costs, but still, have the wedding of your dreams. Hiring an event catering service to handle your fall themed wedding will ensure you stick with the theme, at an affordable price. Your corporate catering company will cut costs in many areas, especially on your food catering menu. When you have an off site caterer, both plated and pre ordered meals are less expensive than a buffet or food stations. Your event planner will also suggest alternative food and drink choices that will truly customize your wedding event.