Are You Grilling Steaks and Burgers for Your Family Tonight?

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At a time like this in world history, it is comforting to enjoy some of our favorite foods. For many people, this includes premier steaks. The savory task from the ingredients to make steak is something that the brains of most people associate with pleasure, and we just can’t get enough of it. Thus, it is relevant to find the closest steak restaurant near me when you want to dive into a treat for yourself that you might not have enjoyed in some time.

Lockdowns and quarantine measures made it impossible for steak restaurants to be open for some period of time. Once they were opened, it seems that they have not had as much business as they might otherwise have had because it has been challenging to get some people to open themselves up to the idea once again of returning to restaurants given conditions with the pandemic. However, things are beginning to improve, and most find it safe to once again return to their favorite eateries. If that describes you, then now may be the time to look for restaurants that serve filet mignon near me to help satisfy your cravings for these delicious foods. You don’t want to wait another minute to make that happen!

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Doesn’t a nice, juicy burger sound great?
A burger with pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, and ketchup may be just what you are looking at tonight. Whether you decide to grill your own burgers at home or you are ready to have a large steak out at your favorite restaurant, the taste of the meat that you eat is determined by the quality of the local meat markets that supplied it. Finding a way to buy affordable meat bundles is only part of the goal. Great chefs and home grill experts know that the cheapest meat is not always the best tasting meat. Meat packages that are provided from sustainability experts are increasingly popular as more and more consumers pay attention to source of the products that they eat.
Consider some of these facts and figures about online meat sales and the other sources like local meat markets that provide the food that is eaten at home or in restaurants every single day in America:

  • Requiring about 30% less cooking time and continuing to cook even when removed from heat, grass fed beef has high protein and low fat levels.
  • There are 913,246 total cattle and calf operations in America, according to the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.
  • Cows, chickens, pigs, and sheep are the big four of the livestock industry.
  • The average American consumed approximately 198 pounds of meat in the year 2014, according to data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).
  • Containing all eight essential amino acids needed for the maintenance and growth of our bodies animal protein is typically of very high quality.
  • Lean, cooked beef ranges from 26% to 27% protein content.
  • 70% of American households will engage in online food shopping within the next 10 years, according to Nielsen’s “The Digitally Engaged Food Shopper” report.

As many Americans increase the amount of fruits and vegetables that they are eating, the amount of meat that people eat is often decreasing. By paying attention to the quality of the meat that you purchase, however, home cooks and chefs alike can make the most of the protein that they serve. By buying meat from the best butchers, in fact, even a smaller piece of meat can seem like the most important item on an entire plate.