Buying the Best Reefer Trucks and Refrigerated Trailers

Commercial trucks are used for a myriad of reasons around the United States, and they’re one of the most useful vehicles you’ll ever purchase. However, you’re going to need a truck or trailer that fits all the needs of your business correctly. Reefer trucks are used when you have to transport refrigerated goods, but you could also get a cold trailer instead of exchanging your current SUV.

Sometimes, all you need is a 2022 Mack tow truck with a trailer in the back to transport your goods. You just have to follow correct protocol and laws to operate it legally. Many people use refrigerated trailers hooked up to their own private cars, but it’s best if you buy something with more power. You can try to find a Dodge Ram GTX for sale.

Heavy trucks America require maintenance, and they can go through full diesel tanks quickly, but they’re the best option for proper transportation. Alternatives often end up being more expensive. You just need to calculate the costs and find out if it’s convenient to get a fleet of trucks. You might be able to find great wholesale pickup truck prices, and those could be the basis of your company.

Let’s find out more about buying the best reefer trucks and refrigerated trailers.

Shipping and transport is an industry all of its own, and it is a big one, seeing how nearly any manufacturer will need to transport its goods to and from warehouses, distributors, and retailers to make business work. Some of these trucks are general purpose, and can carry standard goods in them such as electronics, cars, construction materials, or goods for a major retailer like Target or Wal-Mart. Other trucks have more specialized designs for their cargo. Some trucks are set up to deliver hazardous materials such as liquid nitrogen, dry ice, natural gas canisters, or even nuclear materials. Meanwhile, other transport trucks and trailers are meant to deliver temperature-sensitive cargo such as meat, dairy products, or even wine, and a reefer unit, or a truck or trailer with internal cooling, is needed for such work. Carrier companies may buy used refrigerated trailers for sale to add new items to their fleet for transport work, and used refrigerated trailers for sale can be a great bargain if the item is inspected first to ensure that it is in good condition for work. Wholesale reefer units and refrigeration units of all kinds can be bought new or used to get cargo delivered on time and safely. Reefer trucks can be a real boon for grocery stores, ice cream parlors, wineries, and other business clients who need to deliver temperature-sensitive cargo that normal trucks cannot handle properly. Statistics about reefer trucks and reefer trailer cost and maintenance can show just how this industry works. What is a reefer trailer, and why are they so important?

Trucking and Cooling Units Today

A carrier company looking for used refrigerator units for sale is taking part in an important sector of the transport industry, since foodstuffs and other temperature-sensitive items must be delivered carefully and on time. How big is this market? Very, in fact. It is estimated that around 500,000 reefer trailers are currently in operation in the United States today, and some may end up as used refrigerator units for sale after a company is dissolved or no longer needs that unit. Around the world, the market for refrigerated trailers is expected to reach a market value of $7.658 billion by the year 2022, and in 2015, the worldwide refrigerated market was valued at just over $5 billion or so. By the year 2022, that figure is expected to grow by another $2 billion. Sales of these units is growing; the number of refrigerated trailer orders grew a massive 250% between January 2017 and January 2018, and 40,000 such trailers were sold in January 2018 across the United States, according to FTR Transportation Intelligence.

These trailers may vary in size and weight, depending on the model and the amount of cargo expected to be carried at a time. On average, these trailers measure between 28 and 53 feet long, and they are never taller than 13.5 feet. The biggest trailers may carry a maximum cargo weight of 44,000 pounds, meaning a lot of dairy, meat, or wine bottles might be stored inside during a trip.

Who is hiring the services of carriers that offer reefer trucks and cooled trailers? Many grocery stores can make use of them to deliver foodstuffs that are temperature sensitive, such as juices, wine and beer, dairy like cheese and milk, and all meat products. Butchers may also hire reefer trailers to transport meat to other facilities, too. Wineries can also hire these trucks and trailers to deliver wine bottles all over the country, since wine may become damaged if it sits in a hot truck trailer for too long. Meanwhile, carrier companies can greatly expand their business opportunities if they have more specialized vehicles and trailers than just regular ones. This means that such a company can browse the market for new or used reefer trucks and trailers, and for those on a budget, finding used refrigerated trailers for sale can be a great bargain. And being used units, these trailers should be looked over in person to ensure that they are in good working order before they are purchased. Used refrigerated trailers for sale might need a little maintenance before beginning work in earnest.