Less Fat And More Flavor Why Gelato Is Proving The Reigning Champion Of Desserts

Mini tasting spoons

The heat is still here. That means the average American adult and kid is still looking forward to their next frozen treat. Ice cream, gelato and frozen yogurt are dietary staples among those that have a sweet tooth as well as a desire to beat the heat. Is your shop well-stocked? Gelato supplies come in many fun shapes, sizes and colors to better treat every unique customer that walks through the front door. These range from colored spoons to portable containers to custom cups that can add a dash of fun to an already delightful dessert.

Before we get into gelato supplies, let’s ask the big question. Where did ice cream originate from? Believe it or not…thousands of years ago. The earliest societies strewn across the Middle East and far Asia have shown evidence of people creating their very own frozen delicacies to cool them off during the sweltering summer months. Old-fashioned ice cream was created with a mixture of crushed fruit, honey and ice, though other recipes also included cold milk and rice. As the saying goes…some things never change.

How has ice cream changed over the years? Look no further than modern ice cream tubs and delicious gelato servings. Gelato originated in Italy and is known for its lower fat content and lower air content than your average ice cream cone, contributing to its incredibly creamy and rich flavor. Ice cream usually has around 50% air after the churning process (giving it that hearty look we all know and love), while gelato only has 30% air. Either way, visiting an ice cream store is sure to yield a happy experience for people of any taste.

Ice cream also takes on fun varieties to shake things up. Mochi ice cream is a much beloved treat in Japan, combining the traditional Japanese mochi (a glutinous rice ball with filling) with unique ice cream flavors for one whole new package. Have you had vanilla and chocolate ice cream before? Japan adds their own cultural twist and creates green tea and red bean ice cream, among many others. Yet more people will find themselves reaching for an ice cream sandwich or a low-fat option to enjoy their own favorite touches.

Frozen yogurt is considered a great compromise between calories and taste. Without milk and a much lower fat content, it can cool you down without stressing you out. There are well over 2,500 frozen yogurt stores across the country and it’s estimated the average American consumes ice cream or frozen yogurt 30 times every year. An additional study provided by the NPD Group found that 40% of Americans will eat ice cream in any given two-week period. As you can imagine, gelato supplies are doing quite well these days!

The most popular ice cream flavors, even now, are vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. A few niche flavors have enjoyed steady success over the years, like pistachio, and yet more find themselves reaching for twists on classics. Raspberry and blueberry are great for those that want to be both fruity and simple, while a mixed sorbet is a staple at many parties and events for the bright colors and blend of flavors. Specialty ice cream shops should always offer seasonal specials to encourage people to drop by. When it comes to dessert supplies?

When you want to keep your customers coming back for more, make sure your gelato supplies are up to snuff. The art of eating ice cream is all but an experience nowadays, meaning paper ice cream cups or a quick tasting spoon can mean the difference between a thrilled visitor and someone who won’t be coming back. There are over one billion gallons of ice cream (and similar desserts) produced in the country. Let’s all enjoy this tasty treat in style!